Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Powassan Purls

Everyone keeps asking us about our tree. Isn't it lovely?! You're jealous. You wish you had a tree as awesome as ours!

Last Friday, I arrived at work to see a group of women gathered around the tree. I wondered if we were giving something away with the amount of people waiting to get inside! Then I noticed that they were hanging things in, and around the tree. I kind of wondered what was going on, but figured that there had to be some sort of explanation as to why our tree was being dressed.Of course! It was our knitting group, who had come up with a name for themselves; the Powassan Purls. They gather every Friday morning, bright and early (well, 10:30 when we open).

I always enjoy hearing those ladies downstairs, laughing and having fun while working on these beautiful creations. In addition to our (wicked) tree, there is more to see in our display case inside! Come in and see the handiwork of the Powassan Purls :)

To get back to the Powassan Library homepage: http://powlib.www2.onlink.net/


  1. The Powassan Purls and their "yarn-bombing" made the front page of the Alamaguin news!

  2. After their appearance in the Almaguin News, the Powassan Purls gained more publicity in an article published in the North Bay Nugget. CTV News has now contacted the library and is interested in doing a story on this group and their unique knit-bombing.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Powassan Library's Powassan Purls, all you have to do is show up on Friday morning around 10:30. Knitters of all skill levels are welcome, and the group will offer support to anyone who needs it! Drop in for a session and see what the Powassan Purls are all about!