Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why I Love Working at the Powassan and District Library – Jordan’s Version

Please Note: I won’t always steal borrow Lisa’s blog topics! This one is fair game though, considering she borrowed it from someone else. And of course, I have a whole different set of reasons why working here is so enjoyable.

My love of reading started when I was a kid. In fact, I was the kid who could walk in a straight line with her nose in a book, and who spent my recesses in a shady corner speed-reading trying to finish the last few pages of the book before class started. In fact, one time, I promised my mom I was going to try and only read a chapter of a book each day… because the book was really good and I wanted to “save it.” This adoration for books meant a lot of trips to the local library. I learned as a child that the library didn’t just mean books though. It also meant the TD Summer Reading program (stickers for reading books – cool!) and playing on the computer in Cyber camp. When I started looking for a second job in June 2009, I had a brilliant idea. Cue the light bulb above my head…. The Powassan Library.

I love working at the library because I still get to participate in the TD Summer Reading program… except now I give out the stickers. And I still get to play on computers in Cyber camp… except now I’m the one showing the kids how to do cool stuff on the Internet. Despite the slight transition in my role at the library from my childhood to the present, I still get the same enjoyment out of this place that I always did!

It’s hard for me to narrow down some of the best times at the library because I now have almost two years of great memories… these are some of the highlights though:

·         When I came to the realization that my freaky organizational skills (I’d say borderline obsessive-compulsive) were actually useful in my new workplace… there are always books to be shelved, and things to be labelled!
·         Showing seniors how to play Wii on the Seniors Day as they laughed and cheered each other on
·         The day Critters and Kids came to the library and I got to have a snake around my neck… I bet that doesn’t happen at too many workplaces
·         Watching kids sit down and read, laughing into the pages of the book they’re reading
·         Being able to recommend books that were once my favourites to younger patrons (Baby Sitter’s Club!)
·         Meeting new people every day and explaining to them all that we have to offer – They’re always surprised to learn of the services we have here
·         Doing paper mache with twenty kids wearing garbage bags… Messy? Yes! Awesome? Definitely!
·         Seeing the look of satisfaction when patrons realize they do know how to use computers after five hour-long classes
·         When I was emptying the paper shredder and somehow missed the bag… Confetti everywhere!

I look forward to going to work every day, and I’m thankful for that because I know not everyone can say that. The Powassan Library is not only a great environment to work – but it is a great place to be!

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