Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why I Love Working at the Powassan and District Library

I've been researching blog topics for the last hour or so, and I have virtually come up with no ideas (so if you have any, let me know!) I re-read the Callander Public Library's first blog post on why she loved working at her public library; so I decided to do my own version.
Before I started at the library, I had been working in security for the last 2 years; and I hated my job for the most part. Now every time I talk to a friend or family member, they ask how I like my new job... and my answer is that I love it. Granted that it isn't as exciting as arresting someone, it makes me happy.  You always hear that it's the little things in life that bring you joy. It's true. Not only do I get to wear "normal people clothes" (compaired to an unflattering uniform), but I get to be in an atmosphere that I LOVE (filled with books and happy people.) Working at the library, you get to know the regulars, and you bask in the simple joys your job brings you; the little smiles that make your job worthwhile.

The twins that come in after school and play games.
Hearing the knitting group laughing downstairs on Friday mornings.
Our library regular who comes in and tells us that we're late for work.
Having a couple of the regular men tease me when I'm sitting at "their" computer.
The one morning when our CAP centre was filled with Amish men, and they made a joke about not letting any more Amish in.
Simply hearing children laugh and play in the kids section.
The family that comes in and takes out some DVDs for the weekend.
Being able to help people with the simple (and slightly more complex) computer problems.
Seeing the beautiful pieces in our Art Gallery.
Hearing the excitement in someone's voice when you call to tell them that there's a book here waiting for them.

The Powassan and District Library isn't just filled with books. It's filled with laughter, knowledge, fun, opportunity and community.

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