Friday, January 7, 2011

How the Library is getting better, by the day.

The Powassan and District Library is improving everyday.  We're like a camelion; adapting to the changes in the world around us, yet staying exactly the same.

Within the last couple months, we've seen the unveiling of the CNIB Daisy readers, and Overdrive eBook services. We're "hip" and "modern" with the new technologies that are available. Times are 'a changin', but we can keep up.

Speaking of keeping up with the times; computers, technology, eBooks. We teach computer classes ALL THE TIME on different topics.  If you're a beginner and barely know how to operate the computer you're on, we have a class for that (January 25th.) Want to know Internet Basics? We have a class for that. Want to have fun with your digital photos? We have a class for that too! See, we're keeping up with the times; and we want to help you keep up too. Just ask one of our lovely employees and sign up for a FREE computer class.

Along with the CNIB Daisy readers, we've also got a ton of new Large Print books. What other new books have we got? We got in close to 100 new Westerns. Along with those, we're constantly ordering new titles to add to our shelves. We're getting so many new books that there's barely any room on the shelves. You actually might've seen me shifting the shelves (more than once) in order to accomodate all the books. Soon we're really going to need to build that addition that we're hoping for (donations, donations, donations!) Even after the massive weeding and discards, we STILL don't have enough room. But we can accomodate you.

We're catering to our community by thinking of YOU and bringing in what YOU demand (not that we'd respond well to demands, but you get the point.) We're anticipating of your needs and we're doing our best to satisfy them :)

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