Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas!

Christmas Gift list for the Book Lover

Ah, yes. It’s November 26th. That means only 29 days left until Christmas, and even fewer days to shop for the people on my Christmas list. I know a lot of people find Christmas shopping to be quite stressful, myself included. As your friendly neighbourhood library blogger, I’ve decided to give you, my reader, a special Christmas gift. You even get it early! My gift to you: a list of gift suggestions for the book lover on your list.

1) An eReader -
This is the top item on my Christmas list. (Hint, hint! ... - just kidding) I would recommend reading reviews online to see which device would be the best gift for the intended recipient. If the recipient is not so tech savvy, you'll probably want to select a more simplistic model, but if you feel they'd really take advantage of all the available features, something in colour with Wi-Fi might be best. If you're feeling quite generous, I'm almost positive that anyone would enjoy an Apple iPad!
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2) Giftcard -
If you know that they love to read, but you're not positive what exactly they like to read, you absolutely can't go wrong with a gift card. Consider purchasing a gift card for your local gift store, or even get one for an online store such as Amazon or Chapters. This way, you you're giving the book lover in your life something they'll surely enjoy.
Amazon Website
Chapters Website

3) Something You Recommend -
Some of the best books I've read have been recommended to me from my friends and family. If you've read something and loved it, pick up a new copy and pass it on to the intended recipient. Make sure to mention that you've already read it, and loved it. This makes the gift a lot more personal. I'm actually planning on giving the first book in the Hunger Games series to my best friend, as I loved the series and I think she will too! Eat, Pray, Love is another book I have in mind for a close friend. I know she watched the movie multiple times, but I found the book was way better than the movie and I think she'll agree!

4) Bookmark
This gift sounds kind of obvious and simplistic, but I've discovered some bookmarks that are really cool. They're made from metal, and shaped like a hook. The hook end hangs out of the book with some kind of bead or charm at the end. You can make this gift personal too by picking a charm that you feel the recipient will enjoy. You can find these in stores, or on craft sites such as Etsy. The link below will direct you to Etsy.
Etsy Hook Bookmarks

5) Bookends
If your beloved reader has a large book collection, bookends would likely be a greatly appreciated. If you're handly with tools and a paintbrush, you might be able to create your own bookends. If you're not (like me!), these can also be ordered online. Again, you can customize them to fit the interests of the recipient! Below is another link to Etsy, this time I've searched for Bookends.
Etsy Bookends

Hopefully this list of items takes some of the stress out of your Christmas shopping!
Happy Holidays from the Powassan Library

Saturday, November 26, 2011

House of Night Series

Recently one of my co-workers here at the library recommended that I check out the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. I’d heard her suggest this Young Adult series to many of our young patrons, so I decided to give it a shot. I’m now on the second book in the series and I’m incredibly anxious to read the rest. If you enjoy Young Adult books or know someone who does, the House of Night series is a must read.
The series opens up with the book Marked in which high school student, Zoey Redbird, is selected to become the latest vampyre fledgling to attend the local vampyre academy, the House of Night. The authors manage to put their own unique twist on what life of a vampire (or in this case vampyre) entails. From what I can tell so far, the series will follow Zoey as she learns more about vampyre life, tries to resist her growing lust for blood, and develops into an adult vampyre.

This book is written from Zoey’s perspective in the typical language a sixteen-year-old girl would use. While this might not be enjoyable for everyone, this was one aspect of the book that actually drew me in, as it makes the series so easy to follow. As I said earlier, I'm really anxious to see which direction this series will take!

Happy Reading! :)