Friday, March 11, 2011

Three Beautiful (Library) Things

Recently, I discovered and was inpired to create a Three Beautiful Things, Library edition.

1.  Meeting new people in the community.

Powassan is a small town, and although you would think that everybody knows everybody, this isn't always the case. The library is a great place to meet new people, and in my beginner computer classes, the same group of people spends five weeks together working together to develop new skills. Recently, I had my last class with a wonderful group of ladies. As they left, they thanked me and expressed how much they love coming here and getting out of the house. This made me smile. This was a beautiful part of my day.

2. Seeing familiar faces.

As all libraries do, the Powassan library has it's fair share of regulars -- people who are in as the library opens to use the computers, restock with new books to read or read the paper. It's not just meeting new people that makes our library enjoyable, it's seeing the same people everyday. They're the ones that help create the sense of community that is so present in our library, and they're the ones we can count on to brighten our day.

3. Presents. (Okay, packages)

Everyday is Christmas at the library. Kind of. Once in a while, we get these lovely boxes and padded envelopes delivered to us, and inside are unopened books - sometimes just one, sometimes ten or more. I love processing these books and seeing what's new. I imagine what kinds of people will read each title, and how it might help or comfort someone. I also enjoy that new book smell!

Sometimes, there's a lot of negativity around. Today, you've likely noticed that an earthquake and a tsunami brutally hit Japan, and other tsunamis are expected to occur. You'll notice that the headlines constantly spotlight people who are unfortunately struggling. I think it's great to focus on the Three Beautiful (Library) Things around you and be grateful for the little things.

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  1. I love this. I may steal it and do one of my own. I also enjoy looking at all the new books and deciding what I want to read next lol