Friday, March 11, 2011

March Break Events!

When I was in elementary school, I used to count down the days until March Break. For me, March Break represented a whole week where I could wake up and begin playing as early as possible, and try and stay up late as long as I could. March Break meant building awesome snow forts because I could stay outside longer, and sipping hot chocolate when I came inside to warm up! I have really fond memories of March Break, as I'm sure most people do.

We're offering a couple programs at the library over the March Break because we want all of the children in the area to have the most memorable March Break possible!

For the elementary school audience (ages 6-12), we're offering a Pirate March Break Camp. Cool, right? Kids will do a whole bunch of pirate crafts that will almost make them real life pirates. They will play pirate games and find out more about pirates on the computer. They'll even get to go on a real treasure hunt (within the walls of the library). Even better, this March Break camp is totally free. It takes place Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the March Break from 11:00-12:00 pm. If you, or someone you know, wants to sign up, just give us a call at the library as we want to have an idea of how many aspiring pirates will be here!

Of course we want to cater to our teen audience as well, who are also on March Break. Tuesday evening will be devoted to teens, as Jadie McDonnell will be at the library to share her experiences of living in Japan and travelling throughout Asia! If you're a teen who wants to travel, or just learn more about other countries and cultures, this event is for you. Again, this event is free. Also, refreshments will be provided... yum! Drop by at 6:30 on March 15th and check it out.

We hope everyone has an excellent, safe March Break and hope to see all the area kids around the library! :)

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