Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shopoholic Takes Manhattan

I'm starting to become a liiiittle bit worried. I decided almost two months ago that I would read 26 books by the end of the year, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Thing is, the last three books I've read have all started with the letter S. Whoops. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do!

The book I've just finished is Shopoholic Takes Manhattan, which crosses off the book beginning with the letter S on my list. This book is part of Sophie Kinsella's light, comedic Shopoholic series. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who was looking for an intellectual, serious read... because this book is the epitome of Chick Lit.

I really, really enjoyed reading this book. It made me laugh out loud several times, especially why reading the correspondence between the main character, Becky Bloomwood, and her bank manager. The excuses Becky comes up with in order to sustain her shopping habits, while absolutely ridiculous, are hillarious. I also enjoyed living vicariously through Becky, hearing about her purchases and expeditions through legendary shops like Sak's Fifth Avenue and Barney's (without being saddled with her massive credit card debt!)

I've just started to read the third book in the series, Shopoholic Ties the Knot, and I am pleased to say that it is equally funny as Shopoholic Takes Manhattan.

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