Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well everyone, this will be my last blog post, as my time with the Powassan Library is up. Through these last 6 months, I have met many wonderful people, made friends, shared laughs, and learned. Who else could say that they could paint on windows, make slime, and blow up pop at work?

The Powassan and District Library has helped me grow. I've learned a lot working here, much of which will help me in my future ventures. Not many people can say that they've worked on websites, blogged, and learned a bunch of new technologies while at work. I've gotten to attend meetings (and eaten lots of homemade goodies while at them), assemble computers, make posters, and teach cybercamps.

After working in security for the past two years, the library was definitely a huge change of scenery. But I didn't know that working here would make me so happy. Who knew that this little library; with its (cramped) rows of books (some of which are older than me) could have so much character?! I was not prepared for this little library to steal a piece of my heart. But it has. And it's hard to believe that this will be the last day that I will come in and crack jokes with Alfie, chat with Helen, or laugh with Kristy and Debbie. The library can't get rid of me, even if it wanted to (Seriously.. Doctors are still working on a cure). With that being said; this isn't goodbye, it's see ya later! (Literally, because I live a  block away.. and I have books checked out, so I have to bring them back).

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  1. Hope you bring them back on my shift :) We will miss you!!