Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reading Challenge!--R--

Since I've accomplished everything else on my list tonight, I've decided to update Jordan's Reading Challenge blog! Last week I finished the book "The Radley's" by Matt Haig. I remember stamping and barcoding this book months ago and thinking I wanted to read it, but I completely forgot about it.

I really enjoyed this book. It's kind of a British version of Twilight. But it's a lot less...teen love garbage, and more dramatic. The Radleys, though vampiric in nature, are strictly suburbanites. Peter Radley is the town doctor. His wife, Helen, belongs to the local book club and hosts dinner parties. They have neighbours and a mortgage. The kids go to high school, though they are picked on for being weird. Haig has added some nice touches as to how the vampires manage their condition: They wear a lot of sunscreen, they avoid Italian food due to a garlic “allergy” and, most important, they are “abstainers.” In other words, they don’t drink human blood. Yet they do eat a great deal of rare red meat. Of course, the status quo is altered when the teenage daughter decides to become a vegan, which sets of an exciting chain of events. I won't go further into detail, because I'll ruin the book.

If you like the IDEA of Twilight, but not all the teen mushy stuff, I recommend this read. Think of it as a blend of Twilight, and Nip/Tuck (not the surgery aspect of it... the dramatic storyline of it).

And that covers the R portion of the reading challenge! Next!

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