Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Challenge #40

Ten Guilty Pleasures- Books

Some of these choices are indeed something I probably wouldn't share with people; normally. Since I work at a library, I've made this into guilty pleasures in regards to books. It only makes sense.

1.) Twilight Saga: Ahhh teenage love. It's a beautiful thing. I'm not ashamed or embarassed to admit to owning these books. I know a lot of people; ages varying, male and female, who have read these books--and loved them. And then read them all at least once more. I was skeptical to read them at first, and I held off for a while (because I'm extremely stubborn); but I eventually gave in. I devoured the first book. I was hooked. It introduces this beautifully written, teenage love. It reminded me of my own high school love. In a way, I didn't want to give that feeling up, so I literally spent a week reading them..non-stop. And I'm not the only one!

2.) Nicholas Sparks novels: Who doesn't love a love story? Nicholas Sparks novels overwhelm you with romance. Yet, he writes about every kind of love; from family to romantic. The books contains situations and characters that people can relate to. He will always be a favourite of mine.

3.) Jodi Picoult novels: Her books involve love, controversial issues, religion, and law. I originally started reading her novels by picking up My Sister's Keeper, and loved it. I have found that every book has a large law aspect in it, as well as some sort of controversial issue, and of course; love. She's like my female Nicholas Sparks; but add my love of law to the mix as well.

4.) Biography/Memoirs: I have read Dog the Bounty Hunter's biography because I LOVE his show, but it's actually a very insightful book. You learn about his life, his jail time and his family. It makes you think twice about making fun of his mullet and his leather vest, because he's led an amazing life. And he's awesome! I wish I were one of his MANY children, because I would love to be working with him. I'm sure I could pull off a leather vest.....
Another couple of my favourite memoires (that you would probably just briefly glance at in the book store) is that of Cupcake Brown; and Kerry Cohen. Don't just glance over them, they're amazing and insightful.

5.) Books that make you cry they're so funny: Anything written by Chelsea Handler. She's a comedian; clearly it will not disappoint. I've laughed so much, my husband will come upstairs from the basement and ask what is going on; because I sound like a lunatic, laughing alone. Also, if you don't offend easily, read Tucker Max. Two books written purely about his sexual (usually way above the legal intoxication level) escapades.

6.) Books that teach you stuff: Dan Brown books (Davinci Code and Angels and Demons). It's great that they're fiction books but with true facts in them (I got the books with the pictures in them too, which makes it better). Who doesn't love learning?!

7.) Teen books: It's slightly embarassing to admit that I'm a 23 year old and I still read teen books. BUT, I did start reading the series when I was indeed a teenager. The Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging is hilarious. I will continue to buy these books until she stops writing them.

8.) Reading books on my phone. I love my Kobo application. I can't always fit a book into my purse (even though it's really big and could probably fit my dog, it's always full--of what, I don't know) and it's very convenient.

9.) E.B. White books: Classic chilren's books that will always remain on my shelf and in my heart. Charlotte's Web, Trumpet of the Swan, and Stuart Little will be books that I pass on to my children.

10.) Even though I own 2 eReaders and an iPhone; buying books (with paper) just for the feel and smell of a read book.

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  1. I definitely am a fan of numbers 1,2,3, 7, and 9 too!