Thursday, February 3, 2011

Challenge Accepted… and Completed!

#59 Twitter is Too Simple – Twitter is Just Right

This post is in response to the Blog Challenge (which you will find two posts below). I’ve decided to tackle #59: Twitter is Too Simple – Twitter is Just Right. That leaves ninety-eight topics for everyone else, including #55: Breaking Down My Favourite Blog where someone can write all about our library blog, and why you love it! I definitely look forward to reading that one!

I picked this topic because I’ve recently had a change in perspective about Twitter. A major change in perspective – as in, I’ve gone from loathing it to using it multiple times daily. I guess I was hesitant to start using Twitter because I’d been devoted and loyal to Facebook for about four years… possibly addicted. Facebook had everything I could possibly want in social networking. I loved the photo sharing, the many ways to communicate and how I could know what my friends and relatives were up to. Twitter didn’t seem to have any of that. There was no chat option, no place to create photo albums… honestly, it just seemed like Twitter was Facebook on a very limited scale.

I probably wouldn’t have even created an account on Twitter, but part of my job here is to provide computer training to those who need it. Twitter is a big thing; you hear about tweeting and twitter not only from friends but also in the news. Of course I’d have to offer a class on Twitter, because people would be interested in it. Cue the Powassan Library’s Twitter registration. At this point, Twitter was just a work thing for me. I tweeted from the library account about library events and such, but didn’t really follow anyone. I guess I still didn’t get the appeal of Twitter. (If you are a Twitter user or think you might become one after my oh-so-inspirational blog post, follow us:

About a month ago, I created a personal Twitter account out of boredom. I followed a couple friends, and a bunch of celebrities who were known for their chronic Twitter use. I downloaded an app for Twitter on my phone. (I have a Palm Pre, and the app is called Tweed for those of you who are interested) Now, I find myself checking my Twitter account almost as often as I check my Facebook. I still use both, but I’ve discovered that on Twitter, my creeping isn’t limited to just family and friends. I follow accounts like awfullibbooks which highlights some of the awful library books discarded from libraries all over. I follow OverDriveLibs, which is a eBook and audiobook service the library subscribes to. Although I’m ashamed to admit it, I am following many of the spotlight loving reality stars that my generation seems to be drawn to. I’m even following northbaynugget where I can get up to the date news updates… cool!

If you’ve tried Twitter and you still feel like it’s too simple, start following some of your favourite celebrities, follow your favourite library (remember, and follow some local business. The more interesting people you’re following, the better your Twitter experience will be! Find out how to share pictures (it’s a little more difficult than on Facebook), and links, and I guarantee you will actually like Twitter.

Happy Tweeting!

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  1. Along with celebrities and library fun, she's following me too! Good post Jordan! I've also gone from not wanting Twitter so being on it about a million times a day!