Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why Taking Computer Classes Should be Your New Years Resolution!

If you know someone who has been avoiding computers so far, please direct him or her to this post – surely it will convince him or her that computer lessons at the Powassan & District Public Library are in their best interest!
·         Computers aren’t going anywhere! – Computers are absolutely everywhere now – you can find them in stores, in schools, in libraries, in homes… and many other places! Computers are becoming more advanced everyday – you can do virtually anything on them. Some services (including government services) can only be accessed online. You might as well become computer literate sooner rather than later…
·         It can’t hurt to try! – Our computer lessons are very inexpensive… they’re free! You could come in for one lesson and if you decide it’s not for you, then you won’t be at a loss.
·         Just one hour a week – Yep, that’s right. One hour a week for five weeks, and you’ll be surfing the web all on your own. (It’s not as dangerous as it sounds!)
·         We have classes for all skill levels – If you’ve never so much as touched a computer, we have a class for you. Our Computer Basics class is directed to people who don’t know that a mouse is much more than a pesky rodent. If you’ve mastered most of the basics, take one of our Advanced classes. These classes cover a new topic every week.
·         We can accommodate you – Don’t worry if you don’t have your own computer. Our computer lab has seven computers that you can use. They are available whenever we’re open, and are totally free as well. We just need you to sign an acceptable use form and then you can use them whenever you want.
·         We can really accommodate you. -- If you can’t make it to the scheduled time for classes, call and we will set up a time for a one-on-one lesson. And if you’re having difficulties understanding in a larger group session, we can set up a one-on-one session as well.
·         Computers can help you get in touch! – Computers have made the world a whole lot smaller. You can communicate with distant family and friends in real-time on the Internet. It’s quicker than snail mail and more cost effective than telephone call.
·         We make sure you won’t forget.  In every class, you will receive a packet of all the information covered that day. That way, you can review it at a later time, at your convenience.
Not convinced yet? Come sit in on our next beginner lesson, and I personally guarantee that you won’t want to miss any of the next lessons.

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