Friday, January 6, 2012

Untamed - A House of Night Novel (Spoilers!)

I just finished the fourth House of Night novel, Untamed, last night.

I really wasn't impressed with Untamed when I first began reading it. While I liked the other books, I've begun to find them extremely repetitive. The fact that Damien uses advanced vocabulary has already been established, and yet it is still mentioned way too many times in every book. While I can understand the authors explaining this to new readers, it is extremely overdone to the point that it becomes annoying.

I also started to get annoyed with the dialogue of other characters as well, mainly during conversation involving the twins. It's just not believable for me that conversation would actually progress like that between older teens. 

Thankfully, the plot quickly advanced and previously introduced ideas were addressed and developed which made the rest of the novel enjoyable. Once I really got into it, I forgot about the annoying writing style (except when the twins were speaking to each other). The progress in the war on humans and the exposure of Neferet's true evil motives are what really kept me reading. In fact, wanting to know how this war on humans progress is what caused me to check out the fifth book in the series today. I suspect that the fifth book will be even more action-packed.

All in all, I am still this series when I'm able to overlook some of the more irritating aspects of the Casts' writing and will continue to recommend this title to other readers of Young Adult Fiction.

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